About Us

Serving Customers with Directed Ad Marketing

Cynthia Wallace founded adabuoy.com in Purdon, TX with the goal of redirecting key marketing materials to reach the right audience. 

It's All a Matter of Preference

Are you a sports fan tired of seeing dishwashing soap ads? Or a cleaning professional always seeing commercials for sports or restaurants? With our membership marketing, we can make it so you’ll only get ads that are suited to your lifestyle, profession, and interest.

Get informed on products and services that you need or find interesting, not the ones determined by marketing executives a hundred miles away.

Giving You Back Control

Our one-time membership gives you more control over the ads you see. This allows you to avoid seeing the same ads repeatedly as you stream a movie or browse through your favorite website.

Get in Touch

For questions and inquiries about directed marketing and our other services, please contact us. We will get back to you as soon as we can.